Innovative Forms

Eschewing artifice, striking, and practical. Valani Atelier's minimalist jewelry tells a bold story using light, color, and sculptural forms, reflecting the brilliance of the women who wear it. Every piece from the NYC studio is designed with a passion for detail to be in tune with both the everyday moments and flashes of luxury of today's woman.

Responsibly Sourced

In authentically fine jewelry, the integrity of each component in every piece is essential. Valani Atelier is proud to be intimately familiar with every aspect of the jewelry it creates. For over 80 years, the Valani family has built a legacy directly sourcing gemstones from mines around the world and employing artisans who work with traditional techniques perfected over many generations.

Limited Production

In the pursuit of creating impeccably crafted fine jewelry for discerning women, Valani Atelier hand selects rare gemstones and maintains the highest standards of quality. Working with small family-run workshops allows the studio to develop concepts in small batches, keeping each piece unique and true to an uncompromising vision.